A Job Well Done

Luke 19:11-27

Jesus told another story. “There once was a king who went away on a long trip. Before he left home, he gave ten of his slaves a great deal of money. Along time later, the king came home again. He called the ten slaves and asked how they had used the money. Had they been wise or foolish?

“All the slaves but one had been wise. The foolish slave had buried the money and not tried to earn more. The king was very angry. He took the money away from this man and pointed his finger at him. Then he gave the money to the one who earned ten times the amount while he was gone.”

Jesus wanted His disciples to understand that the story was about them. These people had been given a glimpse of the kingdom of God. He wanted them to know that those who want to learn more about the kingdom of God will be rewarded. But those who turn their backs on whatever Jesus has shown them will be left with less than nothing.