Baby Eye Infections

During birth, baby traverses its mother’s vaginal passage, the so-called birth canal. If there are infections present in this region, the germs may reach baby’s eyes, and set up serious infections.

In fact, it’s possible for partial or complete blindness to occur if left unchecked. Gonococcal and staphylococcal infections may occur. These are now much less common than in the past. It is to be hoped the mother may have received therapy during her pregnancy to make certain these are cleared up.

In recent times the herpes simplex virus has reared its ugly head and is causing problems in some labor wards. This may affect the eyes, as well as other parts of the system.

Baby Eye Infections Treatment

Most of these infections will be attended to if they become obvious during hospitalization. But if not, and any eye disorder occurs after you return home, please do not neglect to get prompt medical attention. This may be vital for baby’s future.