Baby Facts

  • A baby’s head is three-quarters of the size it will be as an adult — and a quarter of its total body height.
  • The bones of a baby’s skeleton arc fairly soft, to allow for growth. They harden over time.
  • Baby boys grow faster than baby girls during the first seven months.
  • A baby has a highly developed sense of taste, with taste buds all over the inside
  • Babies have a much stronger sense of smell than adults — perhaps to help them find their mother.
  • There are two gaps called fontanelles between the bones of a baby’s skull, where there is only membrane (a ‘skin’ of thin tissue), not bone. The gaps close and the bones join together by about 18 months.
  • A baby is born with primitive reflexes (things it does automatically) such as grasping or sucking a finger.
  • A baby’s body weight usually triples in the first year of its life.
  • A baby seems to learn to control its body in stages, starting first with its head, then moving on to its arms and legs.