Battered Child Syndrome

What is Battered Child Syndrome?

Battered Child Syndrome is a situation where a child is injured by an adult, often on purpose. It goes by various other names, such as non-accidental injury to children, and so on, indicating that any injury caused was certainly not an accident in the true sense of the word.

Injuries that take place may vary enormously. Sometimes there may be head injuries that could be serious. There may be broken bones, cuts, gashes, bruises to almost any part of the body. Burns are also often mentioned. There may be an indication that the child has been neglected nutritionally as well, or sexually abused. The history the person gives usually does not tally with the condition as it appears to the doctor carrying out the examination.

Investigation indicates that it may occur in many homes considered normal and happy. It seems to affect people in all walks of life and all ranges of society. It has been found in some instances that parents are merely repeating what occurred to them in their younger days. Some children can exasperate a parent.

There is little doubt a fractious child can aggravate a parent to the limit of endurance. If a parent is working, or is overtired, bowed down with tensions and anxieties and problems, a constantly screaming child may temporarily overtax the mental stamina of the adult. So, damage is possible when under normal circumstances it is probably the last thing the parent would think of. In many cases alcohol is believed to play a major role.

Battered Child Syndrome Treatment

Identifying the nature and extent of the problem is the first task, and this is often a daunting one. Many doctors do not like becoming involved in a domestic situation. In recent years governments are making a specific stand, and legislation may be enforced that will make detection and treatment more likely and more successful.

Psychological counseling, trying to solve family problems, may all play a part in overall treatment.