Berry Facts

  • Berries are fleshy fruit which contain lots of seeds. The bright colours attract birds which eat the flesh. The seeds pass out in the birds’ droppings and so spread.
  • Bananas, tomatoes and cranberries are all berries.
  • Many berries are bright red and
  • Cloudberries are aggregate fruits like shiny to attract birds. raspberries. The tiny amber berries grow close to the ground in the far north, and are collected by Inuits and Sami people in autumn to freeze for winter food. 194
  • Cloudberries are also known as salmonberries, bakeberries, malka and baked appleberries.
  • Cranberries grow wild on small trailing plants in marshes, but are now cultivated extensively in the USA in places such as Massachusetts.
  • Wild huckleberries are the American version of the European bilberry. But the evergreen huckleberry sold in florists is actually a blueberry.
  • Me strawberry tree’s Latin name is unedo, which means ‘I eat one. The red berries are not as tasty as they look.
  • According to Greek mythology, the wine-red mulberry was once white but was stained red by the Hood of the tragic lovers Pyramus and Thisbe, whose story is retold in Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream.