Bible Story – Holy Spirit

John 15:26; 16:7; Acts 2:1

Bible Story - Holy Spirit

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When Jesus had visited his disciples, he said, “Someday I will send you the Helper. He is the Spirit of truth, who comes from the Father. He will help you to believe in my plan for your lives.”

Later he added, “It’s really much better for you that I go away. If I don’t, the Helper won’t come to you. I promise I will send him to you. “The “going away” Jesus had been talking about was his going home to the Father. Now Jesus had done that. The disciples were waiting for the Helper or the Holy Spirit. Jesus had promised he would come.

The disciples were afraid of being arrested. They knew the religious leaders could still cause a great deal of trouble for them. They had found away to crucify Jesus. They might find a way to hurt his followers, too.

So the disciples waited. They waited for ten days. They waited and wondered what would happen. What would this Helper do? Who was he really?

One day, as the disciples were hiding, they heard a noise like a great wind. The noise did not come from outside the room, but inside! It filled the whole house. Suddenly, small flames appeared in the air. The flames hovered over each one of them.

They were being filled with the Holy Spirit! Their time of waiting was over. They opened their mouths and started speaking languages they had never studied or spoken before. This was a special gift from the Holy Spirit. Now people could hear about Jesus, no matter where they came from. At that time Jerusalem was filled with people from many different countries. There were people from Africa and all over Europe. They spoke many different languages. When the disciples went outside, the other people heard them. The crowd was amazed. “What was that strange sound we heard?”

“You heard it too? It sounded like a mighty wind.”

“Hey, listen to those men talking!” someone else in the crowd called. “How is it possible? These men all come from Galilee, but they speak like we do.”

The Holy Spirit had stripped all fear from the followers of Jesus. They no longer huddled together in an attic room, too scared to open the door. Instead, they poured onto the streets. They laughed and talked all at the same time. They made no secret of their faith in Jesus. They told everyone they met all about him.