Bible Story of a Demon Possessed Man

Matthew 8:28-34: Mark 5:1-20: Luke 8:26-39

Bible Story of a Demon Possessed Man

When Jesus and his disciples landed their boat, they saw something very strange. There was a man who had evil spirits living inside him. He was not in control of him self anymore. He had no clothes on. His hands and feet were bloody from wearing chains. He was dirty and could not speak for himself. He lived in graveyards and wandered about in the mountains like a wild man.

When he saw Jesus, he ran and fell on his knees in front of him. Jesus could tell that the man was not in his right mind. He said, “Come out of this man, evil spirits!”

A herd of pigs grazed nearby. Jesus commanded the spirits to leave the man and go into the pigs. The evil lived spirits obeyed. As soon as they entered out in the pigs, the pigs ran over a cliff. They fell all the way down, into the sea. The men who had been watching Jesus over the pigs hurried back to town. When all the people came to see what had happened, they saw the crazy man sitting quietly at Jesus’ feet.

He was dressed and in his right mind again. The people grew afraid of the power of Jesus. They begged him to go back where he had come from. When he and his disciples climbed back in the boat, the healed man begged to go with Him. “No,” Jesus told him, “go home and tell how much the Lord has done for you.”

So the man told people in all the nearby towns how Jesus had made him better. And all the people were amazed. People who were blind in the days of Jesus had no chance of living a normal life. There were no Braille books, which can be read by feeling bumps on pages. There were no guide dogs, which can help a blind person find his or her way through the streets. Blind people in Jesus’ time had no choice but to beg for a living. There was no way they could find work. They were helpless.

Everywhere Jesus went; people followed him; who were hurting in mind and body. They begged Jesus to make them better. One day there were two blind men following Jesus. “Have mercy on us, Son of David!” they called out.

Jesus went into a friend’s house. The two men followed. There, he turned and asked them, “Do you really think I can make you see again?”

The two men were friends. They had both heard the stories of Jesus healing people. They believed he was the Messiah. They had stumbled along the roads, bumping up against people as they followed Jesus. Now they were alone with Him. “Yes, Lord,” they said.

Jesus reached out His hands and touched their eyes. He said, “What you believe can happen, really will. Just keep on believing.”

Suddenly, the men saw lights and colors. Then the shifting blurs became real things. They cried out as they saw Jesus’ face smiling at them. Where there had been darkness, now there was light!

The men were so happy they went out and told the news to every one they met.