Bible Story of Jesus’ Betrayal

Matthew 26:47-50

Bible Story of Jesus' Betrayal

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Jesus warned Peter, James and John. Then they heard voices at the far end of the garden. The disciples looked up. They saw many lights coming their way.

They were suddenly very afraid. Peter saw the religious leaders. They carried clubs and swords. “His enemies!” Peter gasped at John. Then he hissed, “Look!” there was Judas.

Peter asked, “Why Judas would be talking to our enemies?” Peter already knew the answer.

Judas had just told the religious leaders, “Arrest the man I kiss. I’ll show you who he is.” Judas headed toward Jesus. “Teacher!” he called out.

“Judas,” Jesus said, “are you betraying the Son of Man with a kiss?” Judas could not look Jesus in the eye. He hugged the man who had been everything to him, teacher, friend, God. Then Judas turned away without looking back.

In a flash, the chief priests and elders grabbed Jesus. He did not even struggle. “I am the One you are looking for. Now let these others go, “Jesus said. He mean the rest of His disciples.

Jesus stood alone on that darkest of dark nights.

Then Peter takes out a sword and cut the ear of one of the soldier.

“Stop it!” Jesus cried. “Put your sword away. People who hurt others will end up getting hurt themselves!” Then Jesus touched the soldier’s ear and healed him.

He said to Peter. “If I had wanted to fight back, I would ask my Father to send thousands of angels to fight for me. If I did that, I would not be doing what my Father wants. Don’t you see? If you fight them, I can’t do what I came here to do.”

Then Jesus turned to his enemies.”There was no reason for you to take me this way, with swords and clubs. I’m not a thief. I’ve been teaching in the temple every day. You could easily have arrested me there.”

When the guards moved in, Peter and the other disciples ran and hid. They were afraid of being arrested with Jesus.

When Peter and the others ran away, Jesus was left alone with his enemies. It took a few moments for them to realize Jesus was not going to fight. Then they pushed Him. Jesus stumbled as they led him away from the garden.

The guards brought Jesus to the high priest’s house. There, all of Jesus’ enemies met together. They put him on trial. They had paid Judas to help them arrest Jesus. Now they wanted him dead.