Chronic Laryngitis

What is Chronic Laryngitis?

If recurring bouts of acute laryngitis fail to subside completely, and if irritating predisposing causes continue, a condition called chronic laryngitis may occur.

Chronic Laryngitis Symptoms

Hoarseness and at times loss of the voice are the main symptoms. The voice may be clear for a time, when a conscious effort is made, but the power soon vanishes. There is often a raw feeling, and irritation may produce coughing.

Chronic Laryngitis Treatment

It is essential that bouts of acute laryngitis be completely and thoroughly cured before therapy is stopped, for if these persist in a sub-acute stage, they may finally predispose to this chronic form. The doctor will preclude other possible causes of the trouble, particularly looking for cancer of the throat, or other serious diseases.

Any other local infections such as sinus or other throat infections must be cleared up by appropriate therapy. It is important to remove as far as possible all sources of irritation, particularly cigarette smoking, and also alcohol, preferably.

Dust, chemical fumes, and working conditions of excessive noise where the voice must be constantly strained, may need attention.

In people using their voices professionally, this may be a major factor, as it is a difficult one to implement. The routines outlined by an NT specialist for the particular case should be followed precisely.