David and Bathsheba

2 Samuel 11:1-26

David and Bathsheba
King David was a very great king because he loved God so much. One day, though, David stopped putting God first in his life.

Instead, he chose to go to bed with a married woman. This was against God’s rules. The woman’s name was Bathsheba. She was the wife of Uriah the Hittite. He was one of David’s most trusted soldiers.

When David found out that Bathsheba was carrying his baby, he felt desperate. All he wanted to do was cover up his wrong.

David had his general send Uriah to where the fighting was the worst. Then the general was supposed to pull the rest of his troops back so Uriah could be killed by the enemy.

When word reached Bathsheba that Uriah had been killed in battle, she cried and cried for many days. She had loved her husband. She felt very hurt by all that had happened.

Some time after Uriah’s death, David sent a message to Bathsheba. He wanted her to become his wife. Bathsheba went to the palace. She married David. A few months later their baby boy was born.

David and Bathsheba may have been glad they had a son, but God was not happy. He knew David had done a wicked thing. David could not hide from God. David had not only taken another man’s wife, he had killed her husband!

So the Lord sent His prophet Nathan to see David. Nathan told David, “The Lord says, because you have done this thing, your sons will fight each other and this child will die.”

David hung his head. The Lord’s words pierced his heart like a sword. He knew God was right. The wrong he had done could never be kept secret from God. David said, “I’m so sorry,Lord. I should never have done this wrong thing.”

The baby did die. But a year later David and Bathsheba had a second son. They named this boy Solomon. He was a very special boy. Solomon had been chosen by God to become the wisest man who ever lived.