David and Goliath

1 Samuel 17.31-54

David and Goliath

During the next few years David often visited the palace and played his harp for Saul. Sometimes Saul had to leave and fight wars against the Philistines, and when he did David would go home to his father. Among Saul’s soldiers were three of David’s elder brothers and Jesse, often told David to bring them grain, bread and cheese. That way he could hear how his sons were doing. During one battle, Saul and his soldiers had a big problem. No fighting had started yet because of a Philistine soldier named Goliath who was a very, very, very tall man. To most of the Israelites, he looked just like a giant.

Goliath, the giant challenged the Israelites. “If any of you want to fight me, then I dare you to try. If I win, you will all become our slaves. If your man wins, then we have to serve you.”

All Saul’s men took one look at Goliath and shivered in fear. “How can we fight a giant like that?” They whispered. No one dared to fight him. Even David’s brothers were too afraid to fight Goliath.

For over a month Goliath threatened the Israelite army. It was at this time that Jesse happened to ask David if he would bring supplies to his brothers, David was glad to go. When he reached the camp, he looked everywhere for his brothers. Just then, a great cry went up from the Israelite soldiers.

“Run for your lives! It’s the giant!”Goliath bellowed. “Ha! I knew it, you Israelites are all just an army of cowards. I dare Israel to prove me wrong. Your God is weak, He can’t help you!”

Goliath had said a terrible, thing when he had said God was weak. When David heard Goliath’s insults, he grew very angry. He tried to find out more from the frightened soldiers around him and heard about the reward. Saul had offered riches and his daughter in marriage to any man who would fight Goliath. David went to Saul.

He told him. “Let me fight this Goliath. I don’t want God’s people to look like cowards.”

Saul said. “You can’t fight him, you’re just a boy.”

David stuck his chin out. “I’ve saved my sheep from lions and bears.”

Finally Saul agreed. He gave David his armor and weapons but they were too big. David was not used to wearing such heavy armor so he threw it off.

“I will meet Goliath dressed as a shepherd.” He said. David chose five smooth stones from a nearby brook; it was time to fight the giant.

When Goliath saw him, he roared. “What an insult! You dare to send a little boy to fight the great Goliath?”

David told him. “You might have a sword and spear but my weapon is the name of the Lord God Almighty, He is the God of our army, the very one you made fun of and today God will help me strike you down and take off your head Then the whole world will know it’s not a sword which wins battles, but the power of the Lord!”

Goliath moved closer to attack David but suddenly, David darted toward Goliath. He fit his sling with a stone and swung it around and around his head, then let it fly. It whirred through the air faster than Goliath could raise his spear. Too late, the stone bore a hole right into Goliath’s head and the great giant fell with a mighty thud onto the ground.

David took Goliath’s big, heavy sword and killed him, then, he cut his head off. The Philistines could not believe their eyes. They turned and ran but the men of Israel and Judah did not let them get away. A great battle was won that day because David trusted in God’s power.