Drug Therapy

Occasionally “nerve pills” are used to reduce tensions and anxiety. The benzodiazepines are widely prescribed for they are safe, but unfortunately, like many tranquillizing kinds of medication, may be habit-forming. The fewer of these that are taken, the better. Becoming totally dependent on drug abuse treatment can become a way of life, and is not recommended apart from short spells when a genuine need exists.

The use of alcohol as a way out is to be condemned. This may give temporary relief but it is of short duration, and can only lead to bad habits that will ultimately impair general health and mental acuity. Never become involved in the alcoholic merry-go-round as a way out. It is not worth it. If you already have, then get in touch with an organization such as Alcoholics Anonymous, which has a commendable record in assisting those afflicted in this manner.

Becoming involved in time- and energy- consuming activities is an excellent idea. This provides less time to scrutinize your own problems. The art of feeling sorry for oneself is a one-way ticket to unhappiness. It snowballs. But getting energetically interested in other people or their activities and problems can work wonders for you. Many opportunities are about on every hand.

Becoming involved in service organizations or voluntary help clubs can yield mentally rewarding results. But the person who benefits most of all is the woman who involves herself.

Filling the mind with positive thoughts of success can also bring about wonders. Think success, and in most cases, with a bit of push, you will achieve the success you seek. History has repeated this fact too many times for it to be wrong. This way you can make life so much happier, brighter and more fulfilling in every respect.

Other Drug Therapy

New drugs are constantly being reviewed with the hope that some will help solve the diabetic problem. The antitransplant rejection drug cyclosporine has been found to be effective in some diabetics and some medical journals have claimed that it has actually “cured” some patients. It seems to he especially suited to children with insulin-dependent (type I) diabetes. Time will show if it lives up to early promises or not. Other drugs are also being constantly evaluated.