Egyptian Plagues in the Moses Story

Exodus 4:10-5:2

Egyptian Plagues in the Moses Story

Moses tried every excuse that came to mind but when he told God he could not speak well, The Lord said his brother Aaron could speak for him. Finally, Moses had run out of excuses so he bowed his head, he was God’s chosen man. After the bush stopped burning, Moses said good-bye to his family and headed for Egypt, on the way, he met his elder brother Aaron.

When Moses and Aaron arrived in Egypt, they went to Pharaoh and told him. “The Lord, the God of Israel says, ‘let My people go so they can worship Me for three days.’ ”

Pharaoh said. “No! Why should I obey this God? I will not let the people of Israel go!”

After Moses met with Pharaoh, he prayed to the Lord. “God I’m so confused, what should I do?”

God said. “Because Pharaoh will not let you go, I will do mighty works so they will know that I am God.”

Pharaoh had said he did not know the Lord when Moses first went to him. Soon, though he would know without a doubt who God was, it was all part of God’s plan. God told Moses. “Go back to Pharaoh and ask him again to let My people leave his country.”

Moses argued with God. “Why should Pharaoh listen to me?”

God told him it was all right and reminded Moses he would not have to do the actual talking, Aaron could speak for him. He warned Moses though, that when Pharaoh did not listen, the Lord would act. Moses and Aaron went back to Pharaoh. To prove they really spoke for God, they threw Moses’ staff onto the ground and it turned into a snake. Pharaoh called his wizards and when they threw their staffs down they became snakes too but Moses’ snake ate theirs. Still, Pharaoh would not do as Moses asked.

The Lord told Moses that because Pharaoh would not listen, the time had come for God to show Pharaoh His power. When Pharaoh said no, God punished the Egyptians for not letting His people go by sending ten plagues to Egypt. Plagues are bad events in nature which happens to one area all at once. Pharaoh sent for his wizards and wise men to make the plagues go away but God only ended the plagues whenever Moses prayed to Him.

During the first plague, Moses stretched his staff over the River Nile and it turned into a river of blood. All the streams and canals, ponds and puddles, filled with blood. The fish died and the river stank. A week later God told Moses to ask Pharaoh again to let the Israelites go. He told Moses to warn Pharaoh that if he did not obey, God would fill the Nile with frogs.

When Pharaoh said no, the frogs came by the thousands. They climbed out of the river and streams and canals and covered the land of Egypt. They even went into the houses and people woke up to the sounds of “rib-it, rib-it” right in their ears. Pharaoh asked Moses to make the frogs go away. Moses prayed and the frogs all died but Pharaoh still did not believe in God. He still would not let God’s people go so God sent gnats, tiny flies that bite. They were everywhere and the Egyptians had to cover their mouths whenever they talked otherwise the little flies got caught in their throats.

After that God sent a plague of bigger flies and after that He sent diseases which made the cattle sick. The skin on people and animals turn red and itched. God sent hail and thunder storms. The wind blew hard, and locusts came in huge clouds. They ate every green leaf they found and soon there was nothing left in Egypt except bare branches and twigs.

Lastly, God caused the light of the sun to go out for three days. Instead of night turning into day, it was night, night, and more night. God gave Pharaoh many chances but he would not change his mind, he still would not let the people of Israel go.

After God made the sun go dark, Pharaoh was so angry he yelled at Moses. “Get out of my sight!

Pharaoh had not listened. God warned him through Moses that he would send one last plague. After this tenth plague, Pharaoh would finally let the people of Israel leave Egypt. Moses told Pharaoh.

“The eldest son of all Egyptians, whether free or slave, will die. The firstborn of all your animals will die, as well but the children of the Hebrew families will be safe. This is to show that God sees a difference between your people and His.”

Pharaoh did not believe such a thing could happen. It would mean his own son would die. They would lose all the new calves and goats and sheep. Pharaoh trembled with rage. How dare this Hebrew threaten him that way! Pharaoh decided not to believe in God’s power. He closed his mind and told himself.

“This could never happen, “Out! Out of here!” he yelled at Moses so Moses left Pharaoh.