Electronic Facts

  • Electronics are the basis of many modern technologies, from hi-fl systems to missile control systems.
  • Electronics are systems that control things by automatically switching tiny electrical circuits on and off.
  • Transistors are electronic switches. They are made of materials called semiconductors that change their ability to conduct electricity.
  • Electronic systems work by linking many transistors together so that each controls the way the others work.
  • Diodes are transistors with two connectors. They control an electric current by switching it on or off.
  • Triodes are transistors with three connectors that amplify the electric current (make it bigger) or reduce it.
  • A silicon chip is thousands of transistors linked together by thin metal strips in an integrated circuit, on a single crystal of the semi-conductor, silicon.
  • The electronic areas of a chip are those treated with traces of chemicals such as boron and phosphorus, which alter the conductivity of silicon.
  • Microprocessors are complete Central Processing Units (see computers) on a single silicon chip.