Eye Accidents

While on the subject of black eyes, why not talk a bit about accidents in general to the eyes? These could be very important and also very serious.

Many and varied accidents are possible. There are so many simple, everyday situations in which eye injuries may take place that it’s a bit frightening. Prompt attention is always a good idea. Foreign bodies should be removed. Any direct blow should be checked by an eye doctor.

Being hit by a stone, fast-moving cricket ball (in recent years squash is becoming a major hazard in Australia and many Western countries) or some other missile may cause a serious injury. Retinal detachment is a possibility, either at the time or within weeks or months of the initial injury. A check is important. The parts around the eye may be lacerated and require attention. Suturing may be necessary.

The eye must be irrigated thoroughly with copious amounts of water and kept going for some time, maybe 10-15 minutes. An eye check afterward is advisable. Further therapy may be necessary. Haven’t you a thing about children in workshops?

Yes. I have already stated that children should not be allowed inside workshops, where grindstones are being used, or oxyacetylene flames are burning, unless wearing protective goggles and headgear. Eye burns and foreign bodies that may be serious and very painful can result. If this occurs, please see the doctor without delay.

As a final word here, any eye injury, apart from those requiring simple first aid measures, should always be checked out by the doctor. Sight is so precious. Loss may be permanent, and this is terrible. My own personal experiences probably make me ultra careful in this field.

But believe me, an eye disability is a terrible handicap. I was fortunate. Plenty of others have sustained visual loss for life. Mine was miraculously restored. But this is unusual.