Granulated Eyelid

This is the most common disorder of the eyelids. The margins become red and inflamed, and often ulcerated. It can be associated with dandruff, usually present in the scalp and eyebrows at the same time. Often staphylococcal germs are also present. There is usually an itch, and irritation and burning of the margins of eyelids. The eyes become reddened. Scales can be seen clinging to both upper and lower lids. If dandruff is present, the scales are greasy, staphylococcal germs can cause tiny ulcers to form, and the lids become very inflamed. Often conjunctivitis duplicates the general picture.

Granulated Eyelid Treatment

The scalp, eyebrows and lid must be kept clean, particularly if dandruff is present. Regular soap and shampooing is essential. The scales must be removed from the lid margins with damp cotton applicator each day; a baby shampoo may also assist their removal. Dandruff in the scalp or eyebrows must be treated at the same time to eliminate germs from the any further treatment. If simple home measures do not bring a cure, the doctor may prescribe antibiotic eye ointments be applied daily to the margins of the infected lids. This often brings prompt relief. However, if not treated adequately, recurrences may take place and this disorder may continue for months or even years.