Intertrigo most commonly occurs in hot weather due to opposing areas of skin rubbing together, or external material rub on the skin. It occurs in areas such as between the legs, in the genital region, under the breasts, under the arms, or in obese persons where rolls of fat cause skin rub between adjacent surfaces. Perspiration aggravates the condition. It is worse with rough clothing.

Besides local inflammation and discomfort there is the added risk of infection by bacteria or fungi and yeasts that are constantly present in the atmosphere. These can cause considerable discomfort, and may be hard to eradicate.

Intertrigo Treatment

Avoid factors that increase perspiration in hot weather, particularly dry humid regions (such as excessive exercising or undertaking hard work that will cause profuse sweating).

Wear sensible clothing that is well aerated and will allow free access of to all parts permitting perspiration. Cottons are preferred to synthetics.

Keep areas dry. Apply powder, such as talc or starch (to absorb moisture). Anti-perspirants locally applied may assist in reducing local sweating.

Avoid wearing rough clothing. Avoid over treating as this can aggravate the condition. Simple lanoline sometimes makes the area more comfortable. Do not overdo as it can block the ducts. Wash often, but avoid use of soaps that are alkaline and tend to bring discomfort and dry out the area.

If these simple remedies do not bring prompt relief, see the doctor. Often infections can occur, and these require medical attention. The doctor will prescribe suitable medication.