Jesus’ Baptism Story

Jesus’ Baptism Story

Jesus' Baptism Story

Jesus had a cousin called John the Baptist who was the son of Elizabeth, Mary’s old friend. When John grew to be a man, God told him to give the people a special message.

“Get ready!” John told them. “Get ready for the One who is coming!”

The crowds sat on the river bank listening to him as he baptized the people. He told them it showed how God could wash them clean. “Say you’re sorry, start over fresh.”

John looked up to see who was next in line, it was Jesus! The two cousins stared at each other then Jesus went down into the water. When He came out, He was praying and suddenly, it seemed as though the sky had split in two! God’s Holy Spirit came in the form of a dove and hovered over Jesus. This showed all those watching that Jesus had the Holy Spirit in Him.

A great Voice spoke from the sky, “You are My Son. I have always loved You and You have always pleased Me.” It was the Voice of God. He was telling the people they should listen to Jesus.

Sometimes, when John the Baptist preached a group of religious leaders would watch him closely. They wanted to know whether John was really a prophet sent from God.

“Who is this strange man preaching in the middle of a river?” They asked each other.

“I baptize in water but there is One standing in the crowd now and I’m not even good enough to be His slave.”

The Pharisees looked around. They saw no one who looked important. A few days later John saw Jesus in the crowd again and called out.

“There is the Lamb of God. He takes away the sin of the world! I’ve been using water to baptize you with, but there is someone here who will baptize you with God’s Spirit! He is the Son of God, but you don’t know Him yet!”

When the Pharisees heard John, they grew even more confused and angry. They watched Jesus move through the crowd. “It’s bad enough that John has so many people following him. If this Jesus becomes even more popular than John, our problems are bigger than we think.”

They decided to keep an eye on both John and Jesus. After Jesus was baptized in the river, He went into the desert to pray. God’s enemy met Jesus in the desert. God’s enemy, the devil, wanted to spoil God’s plans for Jesus. He hates it when people grow close to God.