Jesus is All Sunday School Lesson Topic Discussion

1.Since Christ is the “Word of life,” what life changes have you experienced after coming into a relationship with Him? What changes do you yet expect?
Obviously the promised inheritance of eternal life is the ultimate change for the Christian! We gain assurance of this eternal state when we first accept Jesus according to the biblical plan of salvation. That acceptance sets in motion (or should set in motion) a series of life changes that begin in the here and now. Being part of a “called out” community without the heavy taxation that sin brings helps us to live life with a different perspective and purpose.
If your students have trouble verbalizing changes, you can jump-start their thinking by mentioning the fruit of the Spirit from Galatians 5:22-26. The changes implied in that list should be discussed and celebrated.
2.How has your relationship with God affected your relationship with other Christians thus far? Have you discovered that your relationship with others serves as a barometer of your relationship with God? Or is it more the other way around? Explain.
When we become Christians, the way in which we measure our relationships changes. Too often secular friendships are based upon what each individual can receive from the shared experience. In forgiven, Christ-sanctified relationships, we discover our responsibilities for contributing to the spiritual well-being of others. If we expect a strong relationship with God, then we must learn to live with His other sons and daughters. Be sure to read 1 John 4:20 on this point.
3. Think of some ways that light is used today that were not part of the daily life of John’s con-temporaries. How would you use these to illustrate how Jesus’ light guides us today?
This can lead to a wide-open discussion, with many possible illustrations. Lasers certainly were not available in John’s day. These are very common now, being used in things like “laser levels” to provide construction crews perfectly aligned reference points. Runway lights guide aircraft to safe landings. Dashboard lights allow us to see our car’s fuel level, speed, etc. Even the light switches in our homes are themselves illuminated so we can find them easily in the dark. When the lights go out during a storm, our lives are disrupted. Without the light of Jesus, we would not see the way to God.
4.Verse 7 tells us that the blood of Christ cleanses us from all sin. In later verses, how-ever, we are once again reminded that we are sinful creatures. How do these two facts affect your relationship with God and with others?
These two facts should help us avoid the extremes of pride and feelings of worthlessness. The recognition that we are still sinners eliminates the first of these two; the fact that we are sinners saved by grace eliminates the second. Our relationships with God and with others improve when we keep in mind that sinful imperfections come from unholy patterns that we have learned. What was learned can be un-learned! When we stumble back into unholiness, we admit it (to God and, possibly, to others) and repent. Hopefully people will be gracious to us. We must certainly be gracious to others (Matthew 18:21-35). God wants us to keep working our way toward the sinless example of Jesus.
5.Sometimes Christians talk about how they hope they are doing what Jesus wants them to do. John suggests our relationship with Christ should be built on knowledge rather than just hope. What are some steps you need to take to increase both your knowledge of Christ and your hope in Him?
A good starting point is to begin to get to know His commandments (1 John 2:3). But the Christian walk will also demand that we get to know the person of Christ through His Word.
We also should build accountability relation-ships with other Christians who are struggling with the same concerns. An even better plan into partner with those who have successfully conquered weaknesses similar to those wills which we are struggling. The assurance of God’s plan is always there. Learning to trust in His promises is a launching point.