Joseph Interpret Pharaoh Dream

Genesis 41:1-8

Two long years went by and all that time Joseph heard nothing from Pharaoh’s cup bearer. He kept busy taking care of the other prisoners. He shared his food with them and scrubbed the cells. Day in and day out he saw the sunshine stream through the barred windows and prayed God might help him become free someday.

One morning in the palace, Pharaoh woke up yelling. “I’ve had such a bad dream! But it was so real, I’m sure it means something very important.”

Pharaoh looked at his servants.”Don’t just stand there find someone who knows what dreams mean!” He roared at them.

The servants hopped away in fright. All the wizards, magicians and wise men came. They listened as Pharaoh told them about his dreams. They looked at charts, drew pictures on their scrolls then shook their heads. No, they did not know what the dream could mean.

The royal cup bearer stood next to Pharaoh, he made sure Pharaoh’s cup stayed full of wine. It was not an easy thing to do when Pharaoh was so angry. Suddenly, the cup bearer remembered a promise he had made. He felt terrible that he had forgotten Joseph for so long.

“Pharaoh.” the cup bearer said. “When I was in prison, I made a promise to a Hebrew slave. He told me what my dream meant. I was supposed to tell you about him, I know he could help you now.”

Pharaoh nodded. “Bring this prisoner to me.”

Two guards ran to fetch Joseph. Joseph shaved and put on fresh clothes and went to see Pharaoh.

Pharaoh said. “I had a dream and no one can tell me what it means, can you?”

“No, I can’t, but God can.” Joseph said.

Pharaoh said. “In my dream I was standing by the River Nile when seven fat cows came out of the river. After them came seven thin and ugly cows. The seven ugly cows ate up the seven fat cows but when they were finished eating, they still looked as thin as before.

“I also dreamt about seven full heads of grain that grew on a single stalk. After them seven other heads sprouted, but they were withered and burned by the wind. The thin grain swallowed up the seven pieces of good grain. I told all this to the wizards but no one could tell me what it meant.”

Pharaoh looked at Joseph who stared at the ground. He prayed. “Please God, what does it all mean?” Then he knew. Just like that, God opened Joseph’s mind and he knew what the dreams meant.

“Pharaoh, the two dreams mean the same thing. There will be seven years of plenty to eat and drink. All the poor will be fed but after those seven years will come another seven. Then, the crops will not grow and all the food will run out. Everyone will go hungry during those years.” Joseph told Pharaoh these things would happen very soon. All this, Joseph told Pharaoh would happen very soon.