Joshua and the Walls of Jericho

Joshua 3:14-4:24

Joshua and the Walls of Jericho

Joshua ordered the priests to carry the ark across the river. When the priests toes touched the water, the waves reared back. The water formed a huge wall. A dry path stretched before the priests.

They walked to the middle of the river. Not a drop touched them. They were perfectly dry! Then Joshua called for the people to follow. Family by family, camel by camel, all the people and donkeys and cattle crossed the River Jordan that day. They walked around the priests who held the ark. It took all day for the people of Israel to pass by the priests. On the other side was their new land. When everyone had crossed the river, Joshua looked down from the hill where he had been watching everything. He remembered the promise of God to his forefather Abraham.

God had said, “I will make you into a great nation. You will number more than all the stars in the sky. This land of Canaan will belong to you.”

Joshua told the priests to come onshore. As soon as they were safe, God caused the waves to come crashing down again. After nearly five hundred years, Abraham’s children had come home to the promised land.

Joshua knew he must attack Jericho soon. He prayed for the Lord’s help. Then God gave Joshua a very strange plan.

Joshua told his captains, “We will have a parade.”

None of Joshua’s soldiers had ever fought like that before. A parade was not a battle! But they listened to the plan from God as Joshua told them. “Yes,” they said, “we will try that. We will do what God says.”

The next day all the soldiers lined up. It did look like a parade. First the priests carried the ark. Then came Joshua. He led all the soldiers.

The people in the city of Jericho saw the soldiers of Israel coming. They shook with fear. “Oh,” they cried, “this will be a terrible battle. We will all die because God is on their side. “But the Israelites surprised them. They did not attack. Instead, they lined up and walked around the city. They marched around the walls which surrounded the city. And as they marched, the soldiers were very quiet. Joshua had told them not to make a sound. There were no battle cries, no yells or shouts, just hundreds and hundreds of quiet soldiers. The only sound was that of seven priests,playing on their trumpets.

The army of Israel marched around Jericho. Then they went back to their camp and rested.

The next day they did the same thing. For six days, they paraded around Jericho. All the while, they made no sound except for the trumpets

Then, on the seventh day, Joshua ordered his army to walk around Jericho seven times. After the seventh time, when the trumpets blew, the soldiers let out a great whoop. They yelled as loud as they could.

“Boom! Crash!” No sooner had the soldiers yelled when the very walls of Jericho fell in! God had worked another miracle. The people of Israel poured into the city. Only one family in Jericho lived through that day. That was the woman named Rahaband her family.