Klinefelter’s Syndrome

What is Klinefelter’s Syndrome?

Actually the condition was named after a physician in Baltimore, USA, named Harry Klinefelter in the early 1900s. He was the doctor who first picked up the cause of the disease, so it still bears his name. Fortunately it is quite rare and the chances of it occurring in your baby son are very small indeed.

Klinefelter’s Syndrome Symptoms

It means that a strange pattern of chromosomes is inherited at birth. These cause a destruction of the sperm producing cells at puberty. The testes are gradually destroyed and become small; the breasts tend to enlarge. The child may be mentally dull and retarded. Sad to say, there is no satisfactory treatment at present, and the lad is best treated in a large hospital in the endocrine unit where some kind of supervision may be available.

This is a rare, sex-linked disorder producing a failure of the somniferous tubules to develop and sperms to form. It is genetically determined when the pa- sexual and mental development. However, permanent infertility must be expected.

Gynaecomastia (breast swelling in the male) and mental retardation are commonly present. There is complete and permanent nonproduction of sperms. It does not become apparent until after puberty when secondary sexual characteristics are often poorly defined. The testes are small and infertility will occur, being inevitable. It is now possible to determine the chromosomal picture of the patient, which is diagnostic.

Klinefelter’s Syndrome Treatment

This consists of giving androgens (male hormone) to correct the associated hormonal deficiency that usually takes place. However, this must be considered carefully in persons of poor intellect, where psychosocial problems may occur as a result of unbridled libido. If breast development is an embarrassment, reconstruction surgery may be considered.