Mary and Joseph Bible Story

Luke 1:26-38

Mary and Joseph Bible Story

The Jews knew that someday God would send a Messiah and He would bring God close to His people. This Messiah was Jesus. He came to earth as a baby and became the Savior of the world. Jesus’ mother was a girl named Mary. One morning she woke up to a bright light. An angel named Gabriel had entered her room.

“Hello, Mary you are more special than any other woman!”

Mary felt scared. “Do not be afraid, Mary. You have been chosen by God to be the mother of His Son, the Messiah.”

Mary was going to marry a man called Joseph but when she heard the angel’s words, she did not argue. Instead, Mary said. “Yes, I will do as you ask.” She knew God would take care of her.

Gabriel told Mary that her friend Elizabeth was also going to have a baby. He added. “Nothing is impossible with God.”

Mary’s friend Elizabeth was a very, very old woman. She and her husband had wanted a baby for many years and now finally, Elizabeth was going to have a baby. God had told her the baby would be very special. After Gabriel visited Mary, she left her home in Nazareth, in Galilee and traveled south to Judea to visit Elizabeth.

When Mary arrived, she called out. “Hello, Elizabeth!”

At the sound of Mary’s voice Elizabeth came running outside for the first time in months. She cried. “Mary you are blessed by God. I just know you are the mother of my Lord! I know this because when you called out, my own baby jumped for joy inside me. You’re so special, Mary! God’s own Son lives inside you.”

After visiting Elizabeth, Mary went home to Nazareth. She knew she would soon have to tell Joseph she was going to have a baby. She prayed that God would prepare him for the news for she loved Joseph and did not want to hurt him. She sent word to him when she got home and asked him to meet her at an old well just outside the village.

When he arrived, Mary said. “Joseph, something amazing has happened.”

Joseph wondered why Mary looked so serious. Why was it so important that they meet where no one could see them?

“Well,” Mary continued, “God has blessed me very much. I don’t really know why but He has chosen me to be the mother of the Messiah, His Son is inside me is already, three months old.”

Mary held her breath, she hoped Joseph would understand.

“Oh, Mary. . . .” Joseph turned away from her. I love her so much, he thought, but I can’t make her my wife now. Joseph did not know if he should believe Mary. He looked back at her again. She seemed so sure. Joseph walked away from the girl. He tried to think of ways he could call off the wedding without hurting Mary too much. They had built up so many hopes and dreams and now they came crashing down around him.