Mouth to Mouth Resuscitation

Learn these procedures by heart. Keep diagrams and instructions in an obvious place. Make a photocopy and paste to the inner side of your medicine cabinet and place one in your first aid kit. Prompt action could save a life.

  1. Place patient on a firm base, not a bed.
  2. Tilt head backwards and maintain this position. Pull jaw forward by pulling at the angle of the law.
  3. Clear mouth and oral cavity of foreign matter. This is done first while the patient is on the side, and then when the patient is laid flat.
  4. If possible, separate lips and teeth to open oral airway.
  5. Keeping nose sealed, blow air into patient’s mouth by making a tight seal with your own over the patient’s or blow into the nose, sealing the mouth. Inflate and watch chest rise, then allow patient to exhale. Continue 5 times a minute.
  6. After two minutes check for a pulse.
  7. If no pulse is present, external cardiac compression is alternated with expired air resuscitation at the rate of 60 compressions and 8 ventilations per minute. The carotoid pulse and breathing should be checked every two minutes.
  8. Repeat and continue this until further assistance is possible or patient transferred to hospital. It must be kept up en route.
  9. Get the patient to hospital as a matter of emergency. Note: Special plastic devices are available to keep the patient’s oral fluids away from the assistant. This may be important in the current era of increasing numbers infected with HIV, hepatitis B and other infectious viruses.