Noah Bible Story

Genesis 6:5-22

Noah Bible Story

Many, many years passed and after so much time, most of the people living on the earth chose not to care about God anymore. They no longer taught their children to thank God. Over and over again they chose to hurt and lie and do wrong. God looked at the people and grew very sad. He saw all the pain they caused each other. He wished He had never created people with the rest of the animals on earth and decided He would take away the lives on earth which He had made.

During this time, when so many were bad, one man was different. His name was Noah. Noah often asked for God’s help, listened for God’s answers and obeyed Him. This pleased God so He told Noah.

“I am going to put an end to all people by causing a huge flood to cover the land and everyone will be drowned. However, I will spare you and those you love. Build a big boat, and build it the way I say, then fill it with two of every type of animal. Fill it with food and you will be safe.”

Noah trusted God and God gave him the plans for making the boat which was called an ark. When the ark was finished Noah’s family climbed in and left the door open. Soon animals and birds and all and creeping creatures made their way to Noah’s ark. What a sight it was! The noise was enough to bring Noah’s neighbors out to watch and shake their heads all over again. There were lions roaring, donkeys braying, dogs barking, birds singing and sheep bleating. Two by two, the animals entered the ark, all different types and shapes and sizes. Tiny worms wiggled, horses pranced and rabbits hopped.

After all the animals were inside, God closed the door to the boat, and quickly locked it so no one would fallout. Soon it began to rain. It rained and rained and rained.

The water poured out of the skies for forty days and forty nights. Noah’s ark rose higher and higher as the water lifted it right up over the mountains. As the land flooded, all the people and animals and birds died. There were no dry places on which to live, water was everywhere. As the days dragged into weeks Noah and his family stayed inside. The sun could not shine since dark rain clouds blocked its light.

God did not forget His promise to Noah. When the forty days were over, He sent a wind over the earth. Noah woke up to darkness but something was different. Then he knew. Noah could hear the waves slapping the sides of the great boat, always before the sounds of rain had kept him from hearing the waves. The rains had finally stopped!

Noah ran through the boat waking everyone up. “It’s over! The flood is over! Oh, let’s thank God for ending the storm!”

It took several more months before the land was dry enough to let the animals out. They tossed their heads and made even more noise leaving than they had when they were boarding. Shrieking and snorting, mooing and mewing, two by two they charged down the gangplank and made their way across the land.

Noah and his family thanked God for taking care of them. When God heard their thanks, He promised never to destroy all living creatures again. Then God looked for every color He could find and built the first rainbow. “As a sign of my promise never to flood the whole earth again, I have set my rainbow in the clouds.”