Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

This is the next step on from the simple tic and habit spasm, but the movements are not repetitive. In recent times it has come to special notice, and causes and more effective forms of therapy are being sought. Today, there is a considerable amount of time and effort being expended into fairly uncommon nerve complaints, aided and abetted by governmental and private agencies, who are clamoring for a better deal for everybody in today’s society.

Here the movements are more severe and more widely spread and they may involve the whole body in spasm at any time. The patient may also be overcome with psychic impulses to perform certain actions and to make certain noises. Explosive utterances, the repetition of certain words, sounds and gestures are part of this syndrome.

There is an incredible variety of grotesque facial grimaces and head jerking. It may even appear as though the patient is putting on an act. Emotion and excitement often accentuate them. They are controllable, but it is very exhausting for the patient to carry this out adequately for any length of time. The patient looks and feels quite normal between bouts.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Treatment

Treatment is difficult. It is best dealt with by a psychiatrist, who may delve into the background and examine the attitude of both patient and parent. Many patients are transient and need no treatment, for they are self-curative.

However, those persisting may need specialized therapy. There is no place for constant agitation of the patient by parents, for this may even worsen the situation by increasing emotional tension and stress. Sympathy and understanding from parents and other members of the household constitute the best attitude. The antidepressant medication with the name of clomipramine (Anafranil) is claimed to give beneficial results in a certain number of patients with this problem but only for a limited period of time.