Ornamental Grass

Some of the annual and perennial grasses are of ornamental value, when grown in single clumps. They range in height from a foot to ten feet and more. The graceful, arching stalks of the Pampas Grass and the Eulalia Grass make these excellent as conspicuous specimens. The fruit clusters of Squirrel-tail Grass or Bristly Foxtail are most interesting, and remain on the plant in good condition for weeks. Or they are cut and dried, used for winter arrangements. Ribbon Grass and Zebra Grass are particularly interesting with their striped leaves variegated with white. Blue Fescue (Fescuca ovina glauca) is used from coast to coast for its blue-green foliage and its slow, tufted habit of growth.

It is probably true that these are not used nearly enough in our gardens. The perennial sorts need practically no attention. One clump of Eulalia Grass that comes to mind as this is being written has been growing as a featured plant in our garden for 20 years. It never has any attention, merely is cut to the ground for the winter and is evident throughout spring, summer and fall lending grace and beauty to the entire garden. These grasses should be used more than they are at present.