Overactive Parathyroid Gland

The Parathyroid Gland is embedded in the back part of the thyroid gland. They are quite small, and have nothing to do with the thyroid or its hormones, for they have their own chemicals that are associated with the way the body uses calcium and phosphorus, two very important chemicals. The glands may be underactive (producing a condition called hypoparathyroidism), or overactive (giving rise to hyperparathyroidism). Disorders here are uncommon, but I would like to give mothers some information about them. Overactive Parathyroid Gland
An uncommon set of symptoms may take place. It may follow on from a tumour or growth of the gland, or in certain cases where the kidneys are diseased—a condition called glomerulonephritis and there is too much calcium in the blood.
They are a vague set, and could include a general weakness of the body and the muscles in general. The child may be constipated, be nauseated, vomit and lose weight. There could well be an intense thirst and increased amounts of urine will be passed as more and more calcium leaves the system.
If there is a tumour present, this will be removed, and the patient may improve. But, as I said earlier, this is rare and will ultimately wind up at a major clinic where conditions such as these are diagnosed and treated.