Patio Ideas

A few seats and a table make the garden an inviting place to eat, or to sit and relax. Where space is at a premium choose and place each item with care. Built-in seats, and especially tree seats, are a good choice for a small garden.

Portable furniture

Furniture that can be moved is particularly useful if there are children or pets and helps to prevent the garden becoming predictable.


Built-in furniture saves space and helps prevent a small garden looking cluttered. The best place for built-in seating is the patio, where it can often be designed along with the rest of the structure. White-painted planks look smart, and can quickly be transformed with cushions to look elegant.


A tree seat makes an eye-catching garden feature, and this is one occasion when the advice not to have a seat beneath a tree can be ignored! White paint will help the seat to stand out in the shade of its branches.

Wrought and cast iron

Genuine cast and wrought iron furniture is expensive and very heavy, but alloy imitations are available with all the charm of the original but at a more manageable price and weight. White is again a popular colour, but it will soon become dirty and cleaning the intricate patterns isn’t easy. Colours such as dark green look smart yet don’t show the dirt.
Use cushions to add patches of colour, and to make the chairs less uncomfortable to sit on!

Wooden seats and benches

Timber seats can be left in natural wood colour to blend with the background or painted so that they become a focal point. White is popular, but green and even red can look very smart. Be adventurous with colour; bright colours can he very effective. Yacht paint is weather-resistant.


Don’t dismiss plastic. Certainly there are plenty of cheap and nasty pieces of garden furniture made from this material, but the better pieces can look very stylish for a patio in the setting of a modern garden.