Reproduction Cells

A point of major interest is that during manufacture, both the egg and the sperms undergo a special internal division. In this way, their genetic characteristics are affected.

Each cell normally contains 44 special bodies, called chromosomes, plus another special two called the sex chromosomes. These arc named either X or Y chromosomes. In the female, the sex chromosomes have an XX pattern. In the male, they have an XY pattern.

Just before their release, the reproductive cells split, and each then contains 22 chromosomes plus either an X or a Y sex one. When the sperm and ovum unite at conception, the numbers are once more made up to 44 plus two sex chromosomes. If the union produces an XX pattern, a female infant will be born. If it is an XY pattern, a male infant will be the result.

Along the length of the chromosomes are small bodies called gems. These are the heredity factors. Thus there will be a union of characteristics coming from both the male and female partner. The forthcoming infant will bear characteristics common to both parents.

The interesting fact is that all this is determined at the instant that conception occurs. Right at that climactic moment, the future of the infant is scaled forever. It is a momentous occasion, and one that will have far-reaching effects.

Much research on genetics has been done on a worldwide level. More will be done in the years immediately ahead. The tremendous significance of the chromosomes, genes, and inherited possibilities boggles the mind and imagination even of the researchers.

Now that you have briefly reviewed the normal pattern of anatomy and physiology (and looked at some of the illustrations that make it all so much simpler and easier to follow), it is time to investigate some of the ways in which all this happy picture can get off the correct track and produce problems.

That, really, is the crux of the study of gynaecology. But just as important, besides finding out what can go wrong, the key factor is to discover how to make it all right again.

This is really the way to make living happier and healthier, and give every woman the ultimate benefit and maximum enjoyment.