Rose Facts

  • The rose is one of the most popular of all garden flowers because of its lovely perfume and beautiful blooms.
  • Wild roses usually have small flowers and a single layer of five petals. Garden roses usually have big flowers with multiple sets of five petals in two or more layers.
  • There are 100 species of wild rose, but all today’s garden roses were created by crossing 10 Asian species.
  • There are now over 13,000 official varieties of garden rose altogether.
  • Some experts divide garden roses into groups by when they bloom: old roses bloom once a year in early summer; perpetual roses bloom in early summer, then again in autumn; and ever blooming hybrids bloom all summer.
  • Old roses include yellow briers, damask roses and many climbing roses.
  • Perpetuals include a group of roses called hybrid perpetuals.
  • Roses often look their best just after they begin to open, when the petals are still in a tight, velvety cluster.
  • The delicately scented dog-rose is one of the most familiar of all wildflowers.
  • Ever blooming hybrids include floribundas, hybrid teas, gloribundas and polyanthas.
  • Hybrid teas such as the Peace are the most popular of all roses. They were created by crossing ever blooming but fragile tea roses with vigorous hybrid perpetuals.
  • Attar of roses is a perfume made from roses, especially damask roses.