Ruth and Boaz Story

Ruth 2:1-22

Naomi felt glad to be home again. She knew, though, that she and Ruth still must find a way to feed themselves. The next morning Ruth told Naomi.

“We have no more food. It’s time for me to find work. The barley harvest has started. I’ll go into the fields and see if there’s any barley left over, whatever I find I’ll bring home.”

Naomi nodded. “Go, my daughter.” She prayed Ruth would find some grain to eat.

It was a very special thing for Ruth to go out alone and look for work in that strange country. It showed how much she really trusted God to help her. Ruth went to a field owned by a rich man called Boaz. Boaz happened to be from the same family as Naomi. When Boaz saw Ruth, he called her to him.

“Please, sir,” Ruth said. “please may I pick up any barley which your servants leave behind?”

“Of course, of course.” Boaz said. “I heard how good you have been your mother-in-law. I’ll help you any way I can.”

So Boaz ordered his servants to share their food with her. That day Ruth worked hard and gathered a full basket of barley. That was more than enough for her and Naomi. She brought the basket home that evening, together with the food left over from lunch.

“Ruth!” Naomi’s eyes nearly popped out of her head. “Ruth, where on earth did you find so much food?”

“Oh Naomi, I met a man who was so kind and good. His name is Boaz and he helped me. He said I can come gather leftover grain in his fields whenever I want to.”

Then, for the first time in many, many months, Naomi smiled. She said. “Oh Ruth, Boaz is a member of my family. If Boaz is taking care of us, then the Lord has finally started blessing us again.”

The two women sat down to eat. They thanked God for taking such good care of them. They prayed, too, that God would be good to Boaz because he had been so good to them. For the rest of the barley harvest, Ruth worked hard in Boaz’s fields. She always came home with more food than she needed. Near the end of the harvest Naomi said to Ruth.

“You’re so young and pretty. Why don’t we see if you can marry Boaz?” When Ruth agreed, Naomi said she had a plan.

That night Naomi sent Ruth off to see Boaz. Boaz was sleeping under the stars. Ruth crept up to him and lay down at his feet. In the middle of the night he woke up with a start.

“Who’s there, sleeping by my feet?” He whispered in the dark.

“It’s me, Ruth. I’ve come to ask if you would please think about maybe taking me as your wife. You’re part of Naomi’s family, after all. I need to have a husband. Boaz, you’ve always been so good to me.”

Boaz sat up. “My dear, you are so lovely. Any man would be honored to make you his wife. You’re very special to come and ask me like this. Yes, will you marry me?”

Ruth nodded and Boaz leaned over to kiss her. Boaz and Ruth smiled at each other. “Let me talk to the village leaders. We’ll get married as soon as possible.” Boaz said.

He squeezed Ruth’s hand, kissed her again and sent her home. When Ruth saw Naomi, she told her the good news. The next day they told all their friends. When it came time for the wedding, it was a great party. All of Bethlehem was there. As the years went by, Boaz and Ruth grew to love each other very much. The Lord blessed them with a little boy. Ruth and Boaz had Naomi move in with them. That way she could help take care of her little grandson, Obed.

Obed grew up to be a good man. He loved God and followed His laws. Many, many years later, David, the great king of Israel, was born into Obed’s family. So Ruth and Boaz, because of their loyalty and kindness, were blessed by God. They became the great-grandparents of a mighty king!