Samson and Delilah Story

Judges 16:1-20

Bible Story of Samson and Delilah

For twenty years Samson’s enemies left him alone. He became a judge over Israel and taught the people how to follow God’s laws. Throughout that time, the Spirit of God made Samson very strong. He was famous for his muscles. With the Lord’s help, Samson could do anything.

The Philistines still wanted to capture Samson. One day, after so many years, Samson fell in love again. The woman he loved was called Delilah. She was a bad woman. She made a deal with the Philistines. She would trick Samson and hand him over to his enemies. Then they would give her many silver pieces.

Over and over again, she nagged Samson. “Why are you so strong?”

“What is your secret?”

Samson did not like being nagged. It reminded him of how he had lost his wife.

“Please, please, please, Samson. Tell me your secret!” Delilah asked Samson morning, noon and night. She would not give up. She wanted the silver pieces very much.

Finally, Samson could not stand it any longer.

“All right, woman!” He bellowed. “I’ve had enough! The secret of my strength is the Lord. He makes me strong as long as my hair is uncut. Ever since I was a baby my parents knew God had a plan for me.”

That night Delilah called the Philistines again. She made Samson sleep on her lap and made sure he would not wake up as the Philistines crept in. A man cut his hair, and when Samson did wake up, it was too late. Samson was too weak to fight the Philistines. They took Samson prisoner and paid Delilah her money