Story of Adam and Eve

Genesis 3:20-24

Bible Story of adam and eve

Of all the animals in Eden the serpent was smarter and craftier than the rest. One day the serpent crept toward the woman. He teased her.

“You don’t have to listen to God. You can eat from that tree in the middle of the garden. You won’t die!”

After this, the woman walked over to the tree. She did not know what she should do. Then she made a choice. She picked a fruit and took a bite. She brought the fruit to Adam and asked him to eat. Once they had both taken a bite they suddenly felt as if a cloud were hanging over them. The sunshine felt cold and for the firs time ever, they were afraid.

They had done the wrong thing. The Lord was very sad because He had to discipline His children. God did this because He cared. He wanted Adam and the woman to know that every choice was their own. Some choices lead to good things while other choices can be painful.

God told Adam and the woman that they must leave the garden of Eden. Otherwise, He said, they might disobey again and eat from another forbidden tree, the tree of life. Adam and the woman looked at each other. They were together, but they still felt frightened of all that lay ahead. When they left Eden they would have to work hard to find enough to eat.

Adam gave the woman a name then, he called her Eve, which means “living.”

Adam and Eve bowed their heads, they felt very sad. They knew God would continue to show His love for them. But the worst part of their punishment was that they would never be as close to God as they had been before they chose to disobey Him.