Story of Peter

Acts 12:1-17

More and more people listened and believed Jesus’ followers. This was sometimes very dangerous. The evil King Herod wanted to kill all the Christians.

Many of the Christians were forced to run away. Some had to live in caves to meet secretly. Not everyone got away. Herod did catch Peter. Herod threw him into prison and ordered four squads of soldiers to guard him. “After the Passover we will put him on trial,” King Herod said. But God had other plans.

Peter was not alone. Many people were praying for him. Peter wasn’t afraid to die. He could still hear the words Jesus had said so often to him,”Don’t be afraid.” He thought about this during the night before his trial. Peter was chained to two soldiers. There were also guards in front of the door.

Suddenly, an angel of the Lord filled the prison cell with light. He shook Peter, “Get up quickly.” Peter stood up. The chains fell right off him!” Put on your sandals and coat. Then follow me!” the angel said.

Peter did as he was told. He did not believe it was really happening. “I must be dreaming,” he thought. One by one, they passed the guards. No one even looked at Peter! When they reached the gates into the city, they opened all by themselves! Peter stepped out onto the street. The angel disappeared.

Peter made his way to a house where the Christians were meeting that night. When Peter knocked at the door, a servant answered. She heard Peter’s voice. The servant was very happy it was Peter. She ran to tell the others, but forgot to open the door! “It’s Peter outside!”

The others looked up. “What? Well,maybe it was his angel.”

All this time, Peter was knocking and knocking on the door. They finally opened it and everyone started talking at once.

Peter calmed them down. Then he told them how the Lord had let him out of prison.