Story of Samson

Judges 16:21-31

When the Philistines dragged Samson away, they were very happy. After twenty years, they had finally

captured Samson. “All we had to do was cut your hair! Now you’re as weak as a baby!”

The Philistines were very mean. They took out Samson’s eyes so that he became blind. Then they threw him into prison.

Poor Samson. He had no hope of escaping. After some time his hair started growing back again. Little by little, he felt the Lord returning his strength. He would never see again. He prayed he might some day be able to pay back the Philistines for all they had done to him.

“Lord,” he cried out, “give me back my strength.”

As the months passed, Samson became stronger and stronger. One day, the Philistines were having a huge party in a big hall. There were over three thousand people there.

“Let’s have Samson come to the party, too,” they said.

“Yes, we can laugh at him.”

The prison guard brought Samson to them. As Samson entered the hall, he heard them making fun of him. Samson asked the boy who led him to let him feel the pillars in the middle of the hall. These pillars held the big house up.

When Samson felt the rough stone beneath his fingers, he shouted, “Lord God Almighty, please give me back my strength! Just this one last time, let me hurt the Philistines. Please Lord, help me set Your people free!”

The Lord heard Samson. His Holy Spirit flooded Samson with strength. With a mighty heave, Samson pushed the pillars. He pushed and heaved and shoved and suddenly, with a mighty crash, the stones all fell in on one another!

“Let me die with the Philistines!” Samson shouted. And he bent with all his might so that the house fell down.