Story of Solomon

1 Kings 3:2-5: 2 Chronicles 1:7-8

Story of Solomon
When David died, young Solomon became king. To be a king with gold and jewels may sound very fine. To be a king who knows what is best for the people, that is very, very hard. When Solomon became king, he did not feel very sure of himself.

Then one night, Solomon had a dream. God appeared to Solomon. He said, “Ask whatever you wish from Me and I will give it to you.”

Some people might have asked for more toys, good health, more money or power. Solomon did not ask for any of these things. Instead he wanted something far, far better.

When God asked Solomon to make a wish, Solomon answered, “Lord, You helped my father David while he was king. He trusted in You. Now You have made me king in his place. I’m so very young, Lord. I don’t know how to be a good king like my father David was. I only ask for this one thing. Give me a heart full of wisdom. Help me to see what is right and wrong. I want to rule over Your people as You want. Help me to judge Your people with wisdom. Help me to know the difference between good and bad.”

This answer pleased God very much. He said to Solomon, “Because you have asked for this and not to live a long life or become rich, I will make your wish come true. Now I have given you a wise heart. There will never be a king as wise or as great as you.”

But that was not all. God added, “I have also given you what you have not asked for. You have riches and honor. If you walk in My ways, I will see that you live a long life.

One day two mothers came to King Solomon. Each carried a baby. The first woman’s baby was dead. The second woman’s was alive. Each woman claimed the living baby as her own.

Solomon said, “Guard, cut the living child in two. Then give half to one woman and half to the other. “The first woman screamed, “No! Please, don’t! You’ll kill him. Oh, my lord, give her the baby. Then at least he’ll stay alive.”

But the second woman said, “You’re right, King Solomon. Go on, cut him in half! Then neither of us will have him!”

The king sighed and told his guard, “Give the living baby to the first woman. She spoke as only the true mother could have.”