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The Story of Saul and David

1 Samue124:1-22; Psalm 57

The Story of Saul and David

Saul hunted David as if he were an animal. He knew that David was hiding in a place where there were many caves. Saul and his soldiers started searching these hill sides. At some point, when Saul was alone, he looked around for a place where he could relieve himself. He saw a nearby cave and went inside. There was no way he could have known, but David was hiding inside that same cave!

“Look David,” his men whispered to him. “God has blessed you again. Now is your chance to kill Saul! D avid shook his head. He told them, “No one kills God’s choice of king!”

Then he crawled down the cave, toward Saul. Very quietly, he cut a corner off Saul’s robe. Then he crept back to his hiding place. The moment he was back with his men, David felt very sorry for what he had done. He had not wanted to harm Saul. “I should never even have cut off this corner of his robe.”

So Saul got up and left the cave. Once he was outside, though, David came running after him. He fell on the ground. “My lord the king!” he called out. Saul swirled around in surprise. David held up the cloth. “Look, I cut off this corner of your robe. God gave you into my hands while you were in the cave. But I didn’t hurt you! I even kept my own men from hurting you. Now will you believe I’m not your enemy? Why do you chase me like this? I’ve done nothing wrong! “Saul saw that David could have killed him if he had wanted to. “A man does not let his enemy escape as easily as you have. I believe you, David.”

Saul left David and his men in peace . . . for a little while, at least. Soon, though, Saul went back on his promise.

The fierce Philistines were going to attack Israel. Among the leaders was King Achish of Gath. This king had been protecting David while he ran away from Saul. Achish asked David and his men to march with him. He wanted David to fight against his own people, the Israelites.

When the Philistine generals heard this, they said, “No, we don’t want David with us during this battle. What if he decides to change sides?”

So Achish sent David and his men back to their families. David went home to Ziklag. That is where he had been living for over a year. In Ziklag, he made a terrible discovery.

The town was in flames! While David and his men had been gone, the Amalekites had raided the area! All their families had been taken prisoner!

David rallied his men. Six hundred followed him. Two hundred, who were too tired, remained behind.

All that day they tracked the Amalekites. Just as it grew dark, David and his men attacked. They fought long and hard through the night and into the next day. Women and children ran in all directions. Finally, David and his men won the battle. Only four hundred Amalekites escaped alive. And that only happened because they had camels.

David returned home to Ziklag. There he heard news of the great battle between Saul’s Israelites and the Philistines. This was the battle the Philistine generals had not allowed David to join in.

“It was a terrible battle,” the messenger told David. “The Philistines pressed hard after Saul and his sons. They killed his three sons, including Jonathan….”

David cried out, “Oh, no! Not my brother Jonathan!”

The messenger went on. “The king was surrounded. He had no choice. Saul fell on his own sword, killing himself.”

At this, David and his men moaned and wept. They did not eat the whole day. The king anointed by God was dead! It was a dark day for Israel!

Now that Saul’s sons were dead, the tribes of Israel came to David. “We’re all part of the same family. Even while Saul was king, you were our leader. We’ve heard how the Lord has chosen you. We want you to be our king!”

When David became king he chose Jerusalem as his city. At that time Jerusalem was just a small village. Even so, it was well protected and would be very hard to capture.

The Jebusites, who lived in Jerusalem, laughed at David. “Ha! You couldn’t even fight the blind and crippled of Jerusalem, let alone us! “But David had the blessing of God. When he and his men captured Jerusalem, they made it the royal city of Israel and Judah.

When the Philistines heard that David was king, they called all their troops together so they could attack him. But David asked the Lord what he should do. God told him, “Do not attack right away, but circle around behind them. When you hear the sound of marching in the tops of the trees, move quickly. That will mean the Lord has gone in front of you to strike down the enemy army. “It happened just that way. David defeated the Philistines everywhere he went.

David was thirty years old when he became king of Judah. He was one of the greatest kings the Jewish people ever had.

The Story of Michal

2 Samuel 6:12-23; 1 Chronicles 15:1-16:43

Jerusalem became David’s royal city. He decided to bring the Ark of God to Jerusalem. David had his priests carry the ark on poles. This was the way God had told Moses the ark should be carried.

When the ark arrived in Jerusalem, the priests put it into a special tent David had made.

Then there was great feasting and dancing. Oh, what a party! David had put together a choir and orchestra. They played beautiful music for God. The people praised and thanked God for all the good things He had done for them. They remembered what God had said to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. They told the stories of how God rescued them from the cruel Egyptians. They talked about how Moses and Joshua had led them into the promised land where they now lived.

The people danced and sang all daylong. David danced the hardest, though. All the joy and happiness he felt at being God’s chosen king, and having God’s ark close by, just overflowed into his arms and legs. He bounced around, twisted and turned. He did somersaults and sang as loud as he could.

“Let the heavens rejoice, let the earth be glad. Let the sea roar, and all that’s in it! Let the fields be happy! Then the trees of the forest will sing. They will sing for joy before the Lord!”

David was very happy, but his wife Michal was not. Michal, who was Saul’s daughter, watched from the window. “Why is David being so silly?” she thought to herself.

That night when she saw him, she told David she was ashamed of him. Despite their earlier love for each other, David and Michal were never close again. And Michal never had any children.

The Story of King Saul

I Samuel 9:26-10:8

The Story of Saul

I Samuel 9:26-10:8

After the banquet, Saul spent the night at Samuel’s house. They slept on Samuel’s roof since it was so hot. The next morning Samuel told Saul it was time for him to go home.

As the two men walked toward the edge of town, Samuel stopped. He turned to Saul and poured oil over his head. This meant Saul was a special man in the eyes of God. “The Lord has chosen you to lead His people and rule over them as king.”

Saul bowed his head. “How can this be!” he wondered.

All that had happened seemed so big and impossible. How could Samuel know all this? The answer, very simply, was God had told him. “Saul, when you leave here today, you’ll meet two men who will say, `The donkeys which you’ve been looking for have been found. ‘ Now return to your father, before he starts to worry.”

As Saul turned to leave Samuel, God did a very special thing. He changed his heart. Now when Saul saw all the things Samuel had predicted would happen, he knew it was because God had made it happen.

Later that day Saul did find out about the donkeys, exactly as Samuel had said he would.

Soon after this Samuel called the people together. “Do you still want a king?”

The people yelled, “Yes, we want a king!”

“All right, God will choose a king for you,” Samuel said. Then Samuel threw lots, which were a type of dice. Through the lots God chose the tribe of Benjamin. One by one, Samuel went through the families of Benjamin. Gods showed He wanted the Matri family. This was Saul’s family.

Then Samuel went through each man in that family until God chose Saul. He asked, “Where is this man?”

“Who is-Saul?” The people all looked around. “Where is he? “Samuel asked the Lord. He told them Saul was hiding among the bags and baskets.

The people ran and found Saul. They brought him before Samuel. “See how tall he is,” Samuel said. “This is your king!”

The people cheered, “Long live the king!”

Samuel told the people about the rules they would have to follow if they had a king. Then he wrote them down on a scroll.

As long as Saul followed God’s rules, the Lord would bless him.

When David killed Goliath, Saul made David a general. He sent him out to fight many battles. Every time David returned from a war, he became more and more of a hero.

One time, when David came back from killing many Philistines, a group of Israelite women gathered around him and Saul. They sang, “Saul has killed his thousands and David histens of thousands.”

This made Saul very angry and jealous. He thought to himself, “David’s already more popular than I am. Soon he may even try to take my kingdom away.” From that day on, Saul was jealous of David.

Saul even tried to get David killed by sending him on dangerous missions. David just became more of a hero. One time, David was off fighting the Philistines. Saul’s daughter, Michal, prayed he might return alive. She loved David very much. Because God was with David he did everything well. This time was no different.

When he came back with the proof of his killing, Saul grew even more afraid of David. David had the Lord with him, and Saul did not. The people loved David. They cheered whenever he passed through the city. David and Michal were married. Now David had the love of Saul’s daughter to make him even stronger.

David and Bathsheba

2 Samuel 11:1-26

David and Bathsheba
King David was a very great king because he loved God so much. One day, though, David stopped putting God first in his life.

Instead, he chose to go to bed with a married woman. This was against God’s rules. The woman’s name was Bathsheba. She was the wife of Uriah the Hittite. He was one of David’s most trusted soldiers.

When David found out that Bathsheba was carrying his baby, he felt desperate. All he wanted to do was cover up his wrong.

David had his general send Uriah to where the fighting was the worst. Then the general was supposed to pull the rest of his troops back so Uriah could be killed by the enemy.

When word reached Bathsheba that Uriah had been killed in battle, she cried and cried for many days. She had loved her husband. She felt very hurt by all that had happened.

Some time after Uriah’s death, David sent a message to Bathsheba. He wanted her to become his wife. Bathsheba went to the palace. She married David. A few months later their baby boy was born.

David and Bathsheba may have been glad they had a son, but God was not happy. He knew David had done a wicked thing. David could not hide from God. David had not only taken another man’s wife, he had killed her husband!

So the Lord sent His prophet Nathan to see David. Nathan told David, “The Lord says, because you have done this thing, your sons will fight each other and this child will die.”

David hung his head. The Lord’s words pierced his heart like a sword. He knew God was right. The wrong he had done could never be kept secret from God. David said, “I’m so sorry,Lord. I should never have done this wrong thing.”

The baby did die. But a year later David and Bathsheba had a second son. They named this boy Solomon. He was a very special boy. Solomon had been chosen by God to become the wisest man who ever lived.

Samuel in the Bible

1 Samuel 2:18-21; 3:1

Samuel in the Bible
Little Samuel was happy living with Eli the priest. Eli was like a father to Samuel. This was just as well since Eli’s own sons were greedy and selfish. They did not care about God, but Samuel did.

Every year Hannah and Elkanah brought Samuel a new robe.

Whenever Samuel felt a little homesick, he put on his robe and thought about his mother hugging him.

Samuel helped Eli in the temple. His job was to keep all the lamps lit. He learned about the different types of offerings Eli made to God. Samuel also learned that praying was just like talking to God. Sometimes, though, he wondered why he did not hear God answer back.

One night Samuel was asleep when he heard a Voice calling his name, “Samuel.”

“Here I am,” Samuel said. He ran to Eli. “Yes, Eli. Did you call me? What did you want, sir?” Samuel asked. The old man sat up in bed and scratched his beard. “I didn’t call you,” he said. “Go back to sleep. It’s the middle of the night.”

Samuel did as he was told. No sooner was he asleep when he heard again, “Samuel!” Samuel woke up and ran to Eli.

“Yes, Eli,” the boy said.

“No, my son, I didn’t call you,” Eli said again.

Later that night, Samuel heard for a third time the Voice saying, “Samuel! “Samuel had never heard the voice of God before. He still thought it was Eli who called him.

Once again he ran to Eli. And this time Eli knew Samuel must have heard the Lord’s voice. It had been along, long time since God had spoken to any of the people of Israel. Eli told Samuel, “The Lord God has been calling you! Answer Him next time by saying, ‘Yes, Lord, I am listening.’ “The boy did as he was told. The next time the Lord spoke to Samuel, He said, “I have seen the bad things Eli’s sons have been doing. From now on I will speak through you, Samuel. “The next morning Samuel told Eli everything the Lord had said. This was the first of many times God spoke to Samuel.