The Greatest Love Story in the Bible

Luke 15:11-19

Jesus told the people a story about a man who had two sons. He said, “One day, the youngest son went to his father. He said, ‘Father, give me the money which would be mine when you die. I want it today.’ The father did not think it was a good idea. He finally agreed. A few days after he got the money, the younger son left home. “He traveled a long way until he came to a faraway country. There he wasted all his money getting drunk and having wild parties. When his money ran out, he was left with nothing at all. He could not even buy food.

“This younger son went from house to house. He begged for scraps. Finally he ended up working on a farm, feeding pigs. He was so hungry,he wished he could eat with the pigs.

“Before long, this son thought to himself, ‘All of my father’s workers have more than enough to eat. Yet here I am, starving to death! I must go home and say I’m sorry to my father. ‘So the younger son left the pigs and headed home.”

As Jesus told the story about the boy who had left home, He hoped the people would learn the lesson of the story. God will forgive anybody and everybody, as long as they are sorry. Anyone who is willing can start over fresh again.

Jesus told the rest of the story. “The young man did not know that his father had been watching for him every day since he ran away from home. ‘Please let him come home today,’ the father had prayed while he stared down the road.

“On this very special day, the son was still a long way off when his father saw him. He shouted, ‘There he is! It’s him! My son has come home!’ He ran down the road and hugged his son. “But the son hung his head. ‘Father, I’ve been so bad. I don’t deserve to be called your son. I lost all my money and. . .

“But the father did not let him finish. He ordered his slaves, ‘Quickly,bring out the best robe and put it on him. Put a ring on his hand and get him some proper shoes. Kill the calf we were saving for a feast! Let’s have a party! My son was dead, and now he lives. He was lost and has been found!’

“The younger son cried for joy when he saw how his father loved him. He was so relieved. Before long,there was a great feast. All of his father’s servants and friends joined in the party.

“The older son, though, was not so happy when he came home from working in the fields. He heard music and laughter. He asked a servant why there was a party. When he heard what had happened, he became angry. His father tried to explain. But the older son turned away.

” ‘This is just not fair,’ he said. Torso many years I’ve been the perfect son. I work hard for you. Yet you never so much as gave me a fat goat so I could have a party with my friends. But when this other son wastes your money, you give him everything.’

” ‘But you’re also my son,’ the father said. ‘Everything I have belongs to you. Don’t you see? This brother of yours was dead and now he’s alive. He was lost and has been rescued!’ “