The Story of King Saul

I Samuel 9:26-10:8

The Story of Saul

I Samuel 9:26-10:8

After the banquet, Saul spent the night at Samuel’s house. They slept on Samuel’s roof since it was so hot. The next morning Samuel told Saul it was time for him to go home.

As the two men walked toward the edge of town, Samuel stopped. He turned to Saul and poured oil over his head. This meant Saul was a special man in the eyes of God. “The Lord has chosen you to lead His people and rule over them as king.”

Saul bowed his head. “How can this be!” he wondered.

All that had happened seemed so big and impossible. How could Samuel know all this? The answer, very simply, was God had told him. “Saul, when you leave here today, you’ll meet two men who will say, `The donkeys which you’ve been looking for have been found. ‘ Now return to your father, before he starts to worry.”

As Saul turned to leave Samuel, God did a very special thing. He changed his heart. Now when Saul saw all the things Samuel had predicted would happen, he knew it was because God had made it happen.

Later that day Saul did find out about the donkeys, exactly as Samuel had said he would.

Soon after this Samuel called the people together. “Do you still want a king?”

The people yelled, “Yes, we want a king!”

“All right, God will choose a king for you,” Samuel said. Then Samuel threw lots, which were a type of dice. Through the lots God chose the tribe of Benjamin. One by one, Samuel went through the families of Benjamin. Gods showed He wanted the Matri family. This was Saul’s family.

Then Samuel went through each man in that family until God chose Saul. He asked, “Where is this man?”

“Who is-Saul?” The people all looked around. “Where is he? “Samuel asked the Lord. He told them Saul was hiding among the bags and baskets.

The people ran and found Saul. They brought him before Samuel. “See how tall he is,” Samuel said. “This is your king!”

The people cheered, “Long live the king!”

Samuel told the people about the rules they would have to follow if they had a king. Then he wrote them down on a scroll.

As long as Saul followed God’s rules, the Lord would bless him.

When David killed Goliath, Saul made David a general. He sent him out to fight many battles. Every time David returned from a war, he became more and more of a hero.

One time, when David came back from killing many Philistines, a group of Israelite women gathered around him and Saul. They sang, “Saul has killed his thousands and David histens of thousands.”

This made Saul very angry and jealous. He thought to himself, “David’s already more popular than I am. Soon he may even try to take my kingdom away.” From that day on, Saul was jealous of David.

Saul even tried to get David killed by sending him on dangerous missions. David just became more of a hero. One time, David was off fighting the Philistines. Saul’s daughter, Michal, prayed he might return alive. She loved David very much. Because God was with David he did everything well. This time was no different.

When he came back with the proof of his killing, Saul grew even more afraid of David. David had the Lord with him, and Saul did not. The people loved David. They cheered whenever he passed through the city. David and Michal were married. Now David had the love of Saul’s daughter to make him even stronger.