Tissue Facts

  • Tissue is a body substance made from many of the same type of cell. Muscle cells make muscle tissue, nerve cells form nerve tissue, and so on.
  • As well as cells, some tissues include other materials.
  • Connective tissues are made from particular cells (such as fibroblasts), plus two other materials – long fibers of protein (such as collagen) and a matrix. Matrix is a material in which the cells and fibers are set like the currants in a bun.
  • Connective tissue holds all the other kinds of tissue together in various ways. The adipose tissue that makes fat, tendons and cartilage is connective tissue.
  • Bone and blood are both connective tissues.
  • Epithelial tissue is good lining or covering material, making skin and other parts of the body.
  • Epithelial tissue may combine three kinds of cell to make a thin waterproof layer – squamous (flat), cuboid (box-like) and columnar (pillar-like) cells.
  • Nerve tissue is made mostly from neurons (nerve cells), plus the Schwann cells that coat them.
  • Organs are made from combinations of tissues. The heart is made mostly of muscle tissue, but also includes epithelial and connective.