Unwanted Hair

Just as most people desire to have attractive, socially acceptable head hair, hair in other regions is despised as readily. Women regard hair in regions ranging from the pubic area and scalp as a masculine feature, and to be avoided at all costs.

The appearance of hair under the arms and in the suprapubic area is one of – normal secondary sexual characteristics of developing females. However, women show a distinct tendency to produce an above-average growth of hair other parts of the body as well. In majority of cases this does not indicate any hormonal imbalance. A check will tell if other members of the family have a similar problem.

Today there is good medical treatment for women with unwanted hair. Facial hair is usually the major problem (a “moustache “beard,” hated by all women). However hair on the breasts, legs and arms is s. often unpopular, especially when present in large, obvious amounts.

Unwanted Hair Treatment

Treatment should be under the supervision  vision of your physician, and involves of the drug spironolactonc (“Aldactons – as a 100 mg tablet. One (sometimes a tablet is taken daily, for a period of six-twelve months, or maybe more according to the results obtained. This drug balances the uptake of the male hormone testosterone by receptors in the hair which in turn restricts the growth of  hair. In the fullness of time it will thin out, and there will be no further growth while medication is being taken. Most noticeable result occurs after approximately  twelve months. If one tablet is insufficient, two tablets may be taken. The whole procedure is evaluated after 12-18 months.

Blood test for serum electrolytes is normally carried out by the doctor, and if results are abnormal, treatment is started. There are usually no adverse side effects. Men who have an oily skin, often with  lesions, may notice an improvement in skin texture. The drug is not new and has been in use medically for many  years for other purposes.

Although the medication seems suitable for most women, some will probably want to continue to use the methods have been available for many years. Here is a listing of the most common trouble areas, and some of the solutions that may be used if so desired.

Unwanted facial hair.

If this is dark and very obvious, simple bleaching often makes it less apparent. Depilatory creams give instant removal, but they must be reapplied as soon as new hair shows through. Although this may give the appearance of promoting a bristly stubble, this is not so. New hairs, due to their shortness, may appear firmer as they come through the skin. Waxes are not advised for facial hair (as they remove the very fine hairs normally present as well as the unwanted obvious ones). Electrolysis will give a permanent cure. It is imperative that you attend a person skilled in this procedure, otherwise satisfactory results may not occur.

In some very rare sex disorders of the male, the production of testosterone is below normal, and hair growth (in all areas except the scalp) does not occur or is markedly delayed. This disorder is seldom diagnosed under the age of 18 years. It is usually treated by specialists and experts in this field are fairly limited.  Many cases respond well to male hormone administration.

Men desiring greater growth of hair on the face, chest, underarms and pubic region may benefit from the administration of the male hormone in a similar manner. However, you should take over the problem with your family physician and under no circumstances taken without proper supervision.