Varicose Eczema

Varicose veins of the lower limbs are notorious for producing a skin reaction referred to as varicose eczema. The area becomes red, bluish, inflamed, and bumped, it is common for ulcers to form These may be extremely painful, and often gradually deepen and spread. The cure is often difficult.

Treatment is usually directed at the, cause, for as long as the veins persist, the eczema and ulcers will also tend to continue.

Ulcers may be treated by bathing twice a day with a pink Condy’s solution, while also placing an antiseptic powder into it, Cover with a piece of clear gauze and a pad of cotton wool. Then bandage the lower limb firmly with good-quality crepe bandage, ideally for the toes to the knee. This should be persisted with until the ulcer heals. Success is often possible if this simple method is diligently followed. The pressure helps to remove surrounding fluid in the waterlogged tissue. This is often the prelude to eczema and the ulcer formation.

The eczema may be treated with anti itch medication if necessary. The corticosteroid ointments and creams are often used under: medical supervision. However, continued use of these is not considered wise, for it may adversely affect the skin with long-term.

Treating the underlying cause is the important part of routine. Many people, especially women with varicose eczema and ulcers, are overweight, and probably smoke. All this prevents oxygen from reaching the affected skin areas. It is essential that efforts to lose weight be commenced.  Lose weight, more exercise (walking is one of the best measures), stop smoking, and increase, the daily vitamin intake, especially of vitamins B and C.