Wood Storage

The garage is a favourite place to store all manner of things, including tools and materials for do-it-yourself, gardening and car maintenance. Unless these are kept under control, they will spill over until there is no room for the car. The solution is to build a shallow of full-height storage unit along either the side or the end wall of the garage, tailor-made to suit whatever will be stored there.

The design concept of the storage wall is quite simple, and is based around creating bays offering different storage facilities. One can have floor-to-ceiling shelves, another drawer system using plastic washing-up bowls (washbowls) sliding on wooden support strips. The next bay can offer full-height open storage for stepladders and scaffold boards, and another wider one provides space to store sheet materials neatly on edge beneath a wall-mounted rack for hanging up things such as a portable workbench or a set of car ramps. Simply select whatever types of bay are needed, and arrange them in any order.

The structure is based on ladder frames fixed to the wall to support shelves, drawers and whatever else is required. The frame is made mainly from 50 mm/2 in square sawn softwood, with 75 x 25 mm/3 x 1 in wood for the shelves and the slatted hanging rack. The hinged section drops down to allow sheets of plywood and the like to be placed on edge behind it, and is held shut with a simple hasp and staple at each side. The wall-mounted rack allows heavy items to be hung safely out of the way yet readily to hand on metal S-hooks.

  1. Start by securing the uprights to the garage wall to form the various bays. Check that each is vertical before fixing it in place.
  2. Set sole plates on something proof (here sheet vinyl flooring), and screw them down into wall plugs in holes drilled in the garage floor.
  3. Simply nail components together as required to form the frames making up each bay. Add horizontals to support shelves or plastic bowl drawers.
  4. To make up the drop-down flap for the sheet materials storage bay, hinge the two front uprights to their faceplates and add a cross rail
  5. To make up the wall rack, nail on the slats, using a loft-cut as a spacer. Make the shelves in the same way, nailing the slats to 50 x 25 mm/2 x1 in hearers.