Bible Story of Sodom and Gomorrah

Genesis 18:1-33

Bible Story of Sodom and Gomorrah

A short time later, Abraham had three visitors. Abraham knew that one of the men was really the Lord. He walked with the three to a hill. From there they could look down at the city of Sodom.

The Lord said, “I have heard how terribly evil the people are who live in Sodom. If it is true, then I will destroy that place.”

The two men who had traveled with the Lord were really angels in disguise. They set off for Sodom.

Abraham wanted very much to ask the Lord a question, but did he dare? He knew, though, that the Lord was his Friend, as well as his God. So he swallowed hard. “Lord, what if there are fifty good people in Sodom? What will happen to them?”

“I will not harm the city if there are still fifty good people.”

Then Abraham asked again and again, each time using smaller numbers, would God spare the city for forty-five good people, for forty, thirty, twenty, or for ten? Each time the Lord said yes.

There were not ten good people in Sodom, but four. The only bright spot in the evil city of Sodom was a man named Lot. Lot was Abraham’s nephew. He lived in Sodom with his wife and two daughters.

Lot met the angels, who were disguised as men. “Come to my house. There you will be safe from the mean people here.”

The people of Sodom tried to hurt the angels, though. The angels told Lot, “You must come with us. The Lord cannot stand this bad place. He’s going to destroy it!  We will help you run away, but you must not look back!”

Just a few hours later, the Lord rained fire onto Sodom. Lot and his family were safe, but Lot’s wife looked back to watch. Instantly she became at all stone!

God had kept his promise to Abraham. He took care of the good people in Sodom.