Bible Story Peter, John and the Crippled Man

1 Acts 2.43, 3:1-10

With the Holy Spirit’s help, the apostles could do miracles. More and more people began believing in Jesus and as a result the church was growing every day. One time Peter helped make a beggar better. This man had never been able to walk. As Peter and John passed him on the temple steps the beggar asked them for money, but instead, the two apostles decided to give him much more.

“I don’t have any money.” Peter told him. “What I do have, I give to you, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk!”

Peter took him by his right hand and helped him to his feet. Straight away the beggar felt his legs become stronger, he could stand by himself!

“I can walk! I can walk! Blessed be the God of Israel!” The man shouted as he jumped and danced into the temple, following Peter and John.

The people at the temple were astonished to see the beggar jumping up and down and soon a crowd gathered. Peter saw all the people wondering what had happened. He said, “It was really Jesus who healed the man, not us. We only did it in Jesus’ name. You had Jesus killed but God brought Him back to reign again. He is the Messiah.”

This made the religious leaders very angry. They did not like any one talking about Jesus. They called the guards and had Peter and John arrested.

“That will keep them from talking about this Jesus coming back to life.” The religious leaders told each other. They had Peter and John thrown into jail for the night, but many more people believed. The next day the religious leaders called for Peter and John. They asked the two apostles how they had healed the crippled man. Peter was filled with the Holy Spirit, so he answered with wisdom.

The religious leaders said, “These men have never been to any schools. They are just simple people from Galilee. How can they talk so well? Listen!” They told Peter and John. “If you agree to stop talking about this Jesus, we will let you go.”

“What do you think is right? To do what God wants, or to do what you want? Do you think God wants us to listen to you or to Him?” Peter answered. “We can’t stop talking about what we’ve seen and heard.”

Peter and John were not at all afraid of the religious leaders. There was nothing more the priests could do. The man Peter had healed was standing right in front of them so they released Peter and John.