Bone Tumor

What is Bone Tumor?

Tumors of the bone are relatively uncommon when compared to other organs of the body. However, they are very important, for they may grow and spread rapidly, and are highly lethal.

Bone Tumor Symptoms

The main symptoms are persisting pain in bone, localized tenderness over a bone, with or without limitation of movement of adjacent joints. Sometimes there may be spontaneous fractures. Any t) these symptoms requires immediate medical attention, for early diagnosis may be difficult. Accurate diagnosis is essential, for any surgical approach may be major, and produce considerable disability to the patient. It is usually made after consultation with the doctors involved with the various investigations.

Osteosarcoma is a virulent bony tumor often occurring in young people in their teens and 20s. It may originate from an injury, frequently of the lower limb appears to be resistant to treatment, and sometimes amputation of the limb is the only lifesaving measure. It tends to spread early and rapidly, often to the chest where it can be fatal.

Nevertheless, many young people who have undergone radical surgery have lived through it and adapted quickly, back to their normal living state, continuing to enjoy life. I have even known of some who throw away their false legs at dances, and join in with the best of them all and have a great time. It is a wonder to see, and shows that “while there is life, there is always hope.”