Cain and Abel

Genesis 4:1-2

Cain and Abel

After Adam and Eve left Eden, they took care of each other. Soon their first child was born. They named him Cain. Later they had a second little boy. They named him Abel. Cain and Abel helped their parents live in the world outside Eden. There they had to work hard to make sure they had enough to eat.

Cain’s way of helping the family was to grow crops. He looked forward to the rain which watered the seeds he had planted. The grain he grew could be ground into flour for making bread.

Abel’s way of helping the family was to tend to the lambs to make sure the family had enough meat to eat.

One day Cain put together some of the crops he had grown and offered them in an effort to say thank you to God. Abel did the same, but he chose only the best of the fattest of the lambs to give back to God.

God looked at the gifts both boys were offering Him. He liked Abel’s gift better than Cain’s.

This made Cain angry. He did not think God was being fair. God told Cain he could choose to do right or wrong. Cain chose to be angry. He came up with a plan. He called Abel out to the fields. There, Cain did something very bad. He killed Abel. God called him, “Cain, where is your brother Abel?” Cain shook his head.

God said, “You have done wrong. As your punishment, you will no longer be able to grow your crops. I am sending you far away from here. “So Cain had to live in the land of Nod, which meant “Wandering.”