Choosing Your Own Flower Arrangements

When choosing your own flower arrangements it is important to remember that the displays selected should adequately match the look and feel of each room. The best way to do so is to take into consideration the function of each. Since the functions differ so too should the displays vary to ensure that those chosen are appropriate. Another factor that can help to determine appropriate arrangements is the season. Summer will treat some flowers differently and while some may thrive in winter, they may not be the best choice at other points in the year.

Where do I Put Flower Arrangements?

The dining room is one of the rooms that are often popular since family dinners and gatherings are often kept here. Dinner invitations play a big role in most families’ social lives which means that having company at the dinner table is a frequent thing. Be sure to choose an arrangement that flows with the theme of the room since this is more than likely going to be noticed. If multiply arrangements are being used, be sure to have complimenting arrangements. You can use flowers that are related or similar but vary in hues.

A centre piece on the table can give any dining room a makeover without much being changed. Be sure to match arrangements to present décor or find one that contrasts but doesn’t conflict so that it can not only catch the attention of visitors but also brighten the room instead of blending in. Be sure to check each angle to ensure that the desired effect is captured no matter how it is turned. A centre piece that is truly successful is one that impresses no matter what angle it is being viewed from. Thinning or flaws are bound to be obvious.

Living rooms with fireplaces give the perfect opportunity to create a floral arrangement using seasonal plants. Textures and hues of flowers chosen should match the seasons; summer time calls for shades of greens and blues while winter best suits yellow, red and orange.

Dried-flower arrangements are ideal for the bathroom. For example, dry-flower arrangements may require shallow glass bowls with grooved patterns (color depending on the color of dried petals). A tinted one would be perfect for an arrangement that uses a scented candle as the focal point since the candle when lit may reflect on the glass and give it a ‘glow in the dark’ effect.

The kitchen windows can be decorated with pots of your favorite herbs since they can serve culinary as well as beautification purposes. Use herbs that can handle the heat and be mindful to keep them fresh. Hanging arrangements made of foliage plants, grass and grains can also be used.

Regardless of the room, the right container for your flowers will enhance the beauty of your arrangements. Painting old pots and pans can help to achieve looks from other eras, so too can ceramics and glass containers whether clear, colored, plain or patterned. Length, width and type of flowers will help determine suitable containers as well as season and themes.