Cleaning Tips

There are those among us who need our spaces to be spotless in order to feel at ease even if we detest being the ones to clean it. House cleaning is a recurring factor in our lives however, it seldom ever gets easier unless one knows how to organize task. Some areas require daily cleaning while others do not need to be cleaned often depending on how the area is treated by users.

Whether you clean compulsively or only when visitors are expected, the first step towards making house cleaning easier and more efficiently executed is to organize a cleaning kit will all the necessary tools needed. This will ensure that everything you need will be within reach whether or not your cleaning regime is structured.


Make a list of everything that you will clean at any point then note the best cleaning agent for it. When purchasing or collecting cleaning agents pay close attention to what should not be used on each surface since some surfaces are too delicate for some cleaners. Using cleaners or polishes that are too abrasive for a given surface can lead damages that could cause you unwanted expensive for repairs or replacements.

Once cleaning and polishing agents are collected, pay attention to things like cloths, mops, dusters brooms etc. There are many time saving tools invented to make cleaning experiences less stressful like vacuums and power mops. Choose those that suit you better.

For quick cleaning in the event of an unexpected visit, sweeping, dusting and polishing the most obvious areas is the easiest thing to do. However, cutting corners on a regular basis is inadvisable since dust, dirt and grime will accumulate in neglected areas making extensive cleaning more painful when you finally get around to it.

Make cleaning easier by completing small chores daily. Spreading the bed or changing sheets can be done immediately upon rising. If sheets are laundered shortly after being stripped from beds then laundry loads are lessoned. Be sure to use detergents that will not damage washing machines and clothes. Observe load sizes, fabric types, colors and machine settings to avoid damages to laundry.

Using a shower spray each day will reduce the accumulation of grime and soap scum. If this is done then cleaner the shower could be as easy as wetting titles, spraying a preset cleaner, allowing it to set then wiping with whatever is suitable. The suitable cleaner for face basins/bathroom sinks, floor titles with tough stains and toilette bowl can be applied while shower cleaner is setting. Clean mirrors or clear and dust cupboards while waiting. Floor can be wiped after respective cleaners are removed. Be sure to note the times for each surface and do not over soak to avoid damages.

The key to making house cleaning simple is knowing what needs to be done, knowing the best order to complete the list in and having the right tools. Avoid allowing small chores like doing the dishes and changing curtains and linens to accumulate. The less you have to do, the easier it will be.